Microbiologul Prof. Dr Joseph Moshe, care apartinea si Mossadului, a dat in vileag ca vaccinul antigripal produs de Baxter BioPharma Solutions, este de fapt o “arma biologica” si contine un adjuvant care slabeste sistemul imunitar si ARN din virusul “gripei spaniole” care a ucis zeci de milioane de oameni la inceputul sec trecut! Acum prof. Moshe e “decedat” iar materialele sale de pe net cu acest subiect au fost sterse!

Very interesting.

Lupul Dacic

MOSSAD Microbiologist: “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

** I realize this story is OLD ( by a few months) however i hadnt heard of it til today and I am pretty sure quite a few people havent either. I felt it was blog worthy as it ties in with the current vaccine hype worldwide. If what this man was saying is true then people are in BIG TROUBLE. Insanity is the flu clinic line up near my house the past two days – complete with about 5 police cruisers to keep peace as in Toronto people were literally fighting over who gets the shot!!  How dumb can sheeple get?? Obviously THAT dumb. So i am including news clips of the stand off between LAPD and Moshe. You have to love the way the American govt makes truth revealers into terrorists or nutbars. The whole standoff thing was to discredit and get…

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